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Frequently asked questions relating to Pressure Washing / Jet washing a driveway

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Frequently asked questions relating to Pressure Washing / Jet washing a driveway At TCM Jet Wash Driveways, we offer a comprehensive jet wash service for driveways, patios, and decking areas. Our highly trained staff use only the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your surfaces are left looking clean and refreshed. We specialize in removing dirt, moss, and algae from driveways, patios, and decking areas, leaving them looking brand new. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions relating to Pressure Washing / Jet washing a driveway
Frequently asked questions relating to Pressure Washing

Do you need an outside tap when Jet Washing?

The Simple answer is yes we do, although we will bring our own hose.

Do you use our electricity for your jet washing equipment?

No, all our tools are run by petrol or diesel so we will not need to use your electric.

When you clean a block paved drive do you re-sand the joints of the blocks?

Brush or blow away any debris At TCM Jet Wash Driveways, our experienced team will thoroughly prepare your driveway before jet washing. We will carefully brush away any debris, collect any leaves and ensure a clear, clean area before we begin jet washing for the best possible results. Aco Drains Aco Drains Cleaned is a reliable service from our TCM Jet Wash Driveways, ensuring that all block paved driveways remain clear and free from leaf debris. We will make sure your aco drains are clear, ensuring that your driveway remains in top condition and free from any clogs or blockages. With our professional and experienced team, you can trust us to keep your aco drains clean and clear. Cleaning the block paved driveway Our jet wash driveways service is the perfect solution for revitalising your outdoor space. We use specialist Jet washers to remove dirt, grime and moss from the surface of your driveway, before removing all weeds and sweeping the area clean. Once all these tasks are completed, we can then get to work to get your drive back to its original, clean and fresh condition. With our jet wash driveways service, you can be sure that your outdoor space will look brand new again. Finishing touches Once you have your drive back after being professionally cleaned and cleared usually the same day or next day, weather dependant, we will come back to any block paved drives and apply weed killer to the drive prior to brushing in to the joints kiln dried sand. This ensures the paved area remains water resistant and locks the individual pavers together stopping them from moving. If the joints of block paving are left without kiln dried sand, they may sink due to water penetration and the blocks will become loose over time.

Why have your driveway cleaned?

Keeping your driveway clean is important to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your property and prevent damage from dirt, grime, and debris. Regular cleaning of your driveway can also help prevent the build up of mould and mildew, which can lead to staining, discoloration, and even structural damage. TCM Jet Wash Drives offers comprehensive services to help you keep your driveway looking great

Do you come and give us a quote?

Yes, for a free consultation and quote please fill out the form on our website Here

Do you pressure wash / Jet Wash clean patio areas and decking areas?

Yes we do clean patio areas, decking areas, concrete driveways and tarmac, in addition to both wooden and concrete sleeper, for a look at some of the jobs we have done please visit our blog page here

Can you quote for a driveway Clean if I send a photograph

In some cases we can, but we like to offer you the best competitive price we can and we can usually only do this by visiting you to see the areas you require Jet Washing.

What equipment do you use to jet wash driveways, patio areas, decking areas?

TCM Jet Wash Drives Equipment At TCM Jet Wash Driveways, Patio and Decking areas we make sure to use only the best professional equipment to ensure a professional job and finish. Our equipment includes a pressure washer, a rotary washer, detergents and cleaning solutions, brushes, and a variety of nozzles and attachments. Our pressure washer is capable of generating up to 3600 psi of pressure for tackling the toughest of dirt and grime. Our 18" Surface Pro Cleaner is Fitted with three 25° nozzles that rotate at high speed to clean the floor at a constant distance and constant speed for the ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL CLEAN. Brilliant on BLOCK-PAVING. The detergents and cleaning solutions we use are specially formulated to ensure an effective cleaning experience. The brushes and nozzles we use are designed to provide maximum cleaning power in a safe and efficient manner. With the right equipment and professional technicians, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results

Equipment used for driveway cleaning Jet Washing / Pressure Washing
Equipment used for driveway cleaning Jet Washing

Equipment used for driveway cleaning Jet Washing / Pressure Washing
TCM Jet Wash Drives: Service Cleaner

Equipment used for driveway cleaning Jet Washing / Pressure Washing
TCM Jet Wash Drives

Why choose TCM Jet Wash Drives to clean your driveway or outside space?

Our priorities are you If you're looking for a reliable Jet wash company to get your driveway looking like new again, you've come to the right place. At TCM Jet Wash Drives, we take pride in providing the highest quality of service with your satisfaction as our top priority. With our experience, our experts will help you find the best solution to restore the look and feel of your driveway, patio, decking areas and more. We offer competitive rates and guarantee the job will be done right the first time!

Driveway cleaning in your area? What areas do you cover

Driveway Cleaning in your area We cover the whole of Northamptonshire please see here and operate within a 40 mile radius of Northamptonshire

How do we pay to have our driveway Cleaned?

We accept all major credit and debit cards in addition to PayPal and Apple Pay. We can take cheques and do accept cash. This said we do not expect any payment until the job you hired us to do is finished.

How can I contact you?

You can fill in our online form here and we will get back to you asap. You can email us at You can phone or text 07513 121702 If we don't answer straight away we may be on a job, so please send us a text message and we will get back to you.

Can you recommend a Professional Tree Surgeon ? Arborist in the Northants area?

Can I book online for you to come out and give me a quote for driveway cleaning in my area?

TCM JET WASH DRIVES GET YOUR DRIVE BACK In the Northamptonshire area and approximately a 40 mile radius the services we offer are Jet washing Driveways, block paved areas, patio areas, steps, decking areas and more. We also offer a lawn mowing service (Northants ) and can arrange appointments for you with a professional Tree Surgeon (Northants ). Book Now for a free no obligation quote Driveway Cleaning in your area | Block Paving Cleaning in your area | Patio Cleaning in your area |

Frequently asked questions relating to Pressure Washing / Jet washing a driveway


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